Thursday, March 24, 2011

The best playground EVER!

My mom and Jim have the most amazing playground, ever, right behind their neighborhood.  I'm not sure why we hadn't been before but I'm sure we will be visiting it more often in the future.


 Ansley was a big girl and we trekked all the way to the top to go down one of the big slides together...
 Say 'cheese'!

...and a nice little family picture to end the day!

The Children's Museum in Greenville!

These are from a few weeks ago (go figure!) from our visit to Greenville!   Troy, Ansley and I spent a Friday morning at The Children's Museum.  We've been there once before but it was right before Ansley turned 2 and really didn't have a ton of interest in a lot of things.  This time she had a blast!!
 Hmm, where did she learn to steer that buggy like that I wonder?!

 Troy wanted to see how he fit in a 'smart car'

Good times were had by all!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Some extras from awhile ago!

The date on these in iPhoto say they're from the end of January!  Must have been the first warmer day we had this year!  We've spent many many days outside jumping, swinging, and sliding since this!!

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Zoo!

We met my mom and Jim at the Riverbanks Zoo last Saturday!  Ansley is a lover of anything animal so the zoo is really her ideal place to be in life!

 She enjoys animals, but the bigger ones mostly from a distance!  She didn't want to get close to feed the goats but she overheard another mom walking by telling her son to hold his hand flat while he was feeding.  If you look in the picture below you can see that she has perfect form, just nowhere close to any animal!!

 She managed to time her emotional breakdown of the day with our first attempt in a long time at a family picture of all 3 of us.  
Here's take 1...
 Take 2...
 Take 3...the best we could manage!

Feeding the ducks!

I am not sure of the exact moment I went from having no life and all of the days blending together; to having no time to myself and always having something that has to be done this moment...but it's happened.  This blog unfortunately has fallen to the bottom of a long list of priorities and for that, I apologize!  I have several different posts in the making but I can't promise they'll all get up this afternoon...

Since the weather has gotten nice, one of Ansley's most favorite new things to do is go and feed the ducks at the Winthrop Lake.  I can remember skipping class in college to go lay out there, and now I go there with my 2 1/2 year old in how times have changed (in a good way)!  A few Saturdays ago we picked up some Chic Fil A and headed out for a nice little picnic with the ducks.
 She's so brave...
 most of the time!

 Such a great little Daddy/Daughter moment!
 The we played a "soccer game" as Ansley called it!  (There was another family there that day that was kicking around an actual soccer ball so we talked about it and then Ansley decided her ball was a soccer ball too!!)

I love my family and I love sunny warm days in February!